The Girl

The first time I wrote the story I was a little bit drunk. (You should see how holed (metaphor with a paper sheet) the story was.) After review the next morning, I realized it was something I’d like to write down and talk about it. After reading, you could judge me for anything, feel free to say what you think. It is important to say feeling in life, but I couldn’t say that to some people I know face to face in real life. I think at some point in life it happens to each of us. I decided to write the story of a special day and a special meeting in my life.

say what you think


Yesterday, I was supposed to join a girl who studies mechanical engineering (too) to the Friday University party, but since I left the engineering school (which is where I met her) last week and got back to my parents’ house, I forgot my Study school card at my parent’s house. I couldn’t enter the pub (that’s what the event is called). It is THE place where students go on Fridays and drink cheap beer from 18:00 to 21:00.

 It is 19 o’clock. 

I talked to her when I got to the pub since we supposed to meet and I talked to her.

-What’s up? The place is crowded, the guard said ‘’its overload’’ and that they’re not letting anyone in. And since I don’t have my student card I can’t enter… I will meet you at La Maisonnée if you want to come after, it would be cool. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there at time, by the way, I said.

-Dude this is so sad, I wish you could enter. Just go through this hole in the wall when the guard won’t be checking… she said as a joke.

I was just thinking the same thing few seconds ago. The hole was a bit tiny and I’m not sure I could fit in without being seen. I laugh as I was appreciating his sense of humour.

-I will meet you after, I’ll try to convince my friends to come faster join you to La Maisonnée, and I don’t want you to be lonely there for too long.

I texted my friend Thomas, who studies Industrial engineering and which I went to college with (college = cégep in Quebec), if he wanted to come. He said yes and we met at school.  So, I went to the bar with my friend Thomas. Our host said there was a special on beer pitcher’s, they were 12$ each compared to 15$ original. Things were getting serious about beer and I was not going to let this beer special away! So we took three pinch since the promotion ended in ten minutes. We both took some beers and a POUTINE. I took an Italian poutine, which is some spaghetti sauce added to ‘’squeak squeak’’ cheese and fried cut potatoes just so you know about Quebec specialities (I’m kidding, right. It’s not a big culinary dish).

We were waiting The Girl while enjoying some fresh beer between friends.

About The Girl, It is special: when I added her number into my cellphone, I didn’t know her last name. So I named her The Girl on my cellphone. Now, I’m writing this text and it is still The Girl, what a happy hazard! I called her like this because I liked her and she was funny, and cute. She was The Girl that I had most things in common this year, so I called her like this only on my cellphone. Too, I don’t think she knows I called her like that on my cellphone. I find it funny.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she’s already there behind us and I was surprised she didn’t answer her phone before coming here. Then, I smiled and they sat beside us. She told me her phone battery was out: I then realized that’s why she couldn’t answer before. I introduced myself and my friend Thomas to her/ and her friends: two engineering-student guys. As everyone was a bit drunk the discussion turned to be around The Girl’s ex-BF or actual boyfriend since she was the only girl with four other single guys. I understood that one of her ex-BF out of two was a good guy and that the other was a jerk (long story short!). Then, we talked about the same thing about one of her friend’s ex-girlfriend. Naturally, he thought us that she has big boobs and it was, as you can pretend, a very intellectual conversation. We knew this guy has some trophies for dating the most DD bra wearing-girl and I was ok with that, it was actually pretty funny. Then, the group needed to check if he was right about those girls’ boobs. It turned pretty well and I don’t really know how it came out, but he gave me his cellphone, which was already on his ex-GF’s Instagram on his cellphone. Everyone around wanted to like all of her pictures and he trusted me when he gave me his cellphone. However, he wasn’t lying and proof has been given and still, we did like two pictures: one of her boobs and another in dressing gown I believe. So, he immediately took back his phone, a bit scared. It was pretty fun. While Thomas was going to the toilet every 5 minutes because of the high amount of beer we drank, we were all making jokes and the ambiance was smooth, cool and funny. This is my kind of meeting. I felt those new people had a similar open-mind like I did even I consider myself as a REALLY open-mind…

Even sometime I make sarcastic jokes that people doesn’t understand. Then, they look at me like I’m an idiot, so I don’t say anything and I find it funny as hell, awkwardly (because I know I fooled them and I don’t like to explain my own, per example, fake-racist jokes). I think it didn’t happen this night…

So yeah, it was very funny. And then, I don’t know what really happened exactly the first time, something happened.

I knew that me and The Girl had a really great chemistry and around the same humour. At this time, I don’t know if I said great joke or nor if she laughed at other’s people joke, but, as I was laughing about something and checking through the outside window, she was just leaning on my shoulder laughing. You know, with the hand on my arm too? At first, I was REALLY surprised because I was not expecting THAT. So I looked at her, she looked smaller from this point of view. I would say prettier too, maybe. It was so sweet. Maybe she was drunk, maybe I was a bit too, but I do remembered it and I don’t believe in coincidences… So, I found that it was sweet when she did this and then I thought it was maybe a one-time shot appreciation. It didn’t matter, I appreciated. The point is that she did it more than once, I don’t remember how many times: maybe three times. Every time we did this, I had the same reaction. I really like her person, and now I can’t get this out of my head.

I may be concluding too fast about her reaction. But sometimes, I love people for who they are (the part of them I know) and this girl is one of them. This person gave me the impression or trustworthy at first impression. I felt we had much in common. Some people give you inspiration to continue doing what you want, some others give you strength to pass your fears, some are confidents, but this time I feel she could be all of them. Her life is surely well filled because she’s doing various things such as teaching dancing, teaching for – and owning – her tutor company, studying, competitions, has a boyfriend and a family. I feel I have to say how I feel about it to people around me. What I feel about her is that I really love her. She’s pretty on the outside: curly hairs, beautiful blue eyes, pretty little face and a beautiful smile. As well, she is as pretty on the inside than on the outside, if it’s not prettier (but I don’t like to give more important consideration to something. If I have to make a choice, it is black or white): charismatic person, energetic, feelings at the right place, loves to help people around, loves to learn in every aspect of life and of course a lovable person with a really really really pretty personality. Some say that it’s important to say what you think in life, talk about your feelings and do what you like. It’s not totally false. I wouldn’t really express myself in real life out loud the way I’m writing at the moment, but I really think it out loud.

It now has been around one month since this day.

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